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Laura's Integrated Functional Therapy  (LIFT) is a healing destination.  After spending 33 years as an occupational therapist working in hospitals, schools, and home health, Laura went to massage therapy school.  Initially, it was to personally grow and learn some new modalities.  Laura discovered that many of her OT techniques  blended well with massage techniques.  It was also time to provide a new service to the community.  Then, she went to John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) seminars and continues to attend these amazing and insightful courses.

The result is an Myofascial Release/Occupational/Massage Therapy private practice clinic.  In addition to  massage services, Laura is also available for occupational therapy services and there is an adapted equipment store.  If the type of activity of daily living equipment you need is not available, it will gladly be ordered just for you. 

Why is it time for a private practice clinic?? 

Laura takes seriously the responsibility of clients to care for themselves.  In the private practice clinic, it is more possible to be client centered.  By having a private practice, it becomes easier to listen to the needs of the client and to assist the client to review the options.  In this way, the client can more easily see the solutions and find ways to be healthy again or, maybe, healthy for the first time!  It may be to see a physician to diagnose a problem or to carry out stretches that relax muscles that become too tight.  

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